Updates on the RepRap build

Last week I received 5 NEMA 17 stepper motors for my Prusa Mendel RepRap. They are pretty small and I’m a bit worried that they will be to weak for some parts of the printer (mainly the extruder) but I have to wait and see.

I also ordered a complete RAMPS kit and 1 kg of plastic filament from 3D Gadgets. The shipment from china with FedEx was super fast but since I work office-hours it seems impossible for FedEx to deliver it to me.

I hope I’ll find a solution to get my package and will post some pictures on both RAMPS and the steppers when it arrives.

I also discovered that I could run the whole RepRap on 24 V using RAMPS or that I could divide it so the steppers and extruder run on 12 V using the 5 A fuse on the board and the heatbed running on 24 V using the 11 A fuse allowing me to push 264 W of power into the heatbed. Should be enough.

To buy before first print:

  • Extruder
  • Power supply
  • Endstops
  • Piece of glass to use as print surface.

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