Quadrocopter update

I used to have a tuning rig for my quadrocopter but I forgot it at my parents place before I stopped working on it for more than a year and now the rig is gone. Now that I want to continue working on the quad I had to build a new tuning rig.

Quadrocopter tuning rig
I made a new tuning rig for the quadrocopter.
Close up on tuning rig.
A close-up on one of the arms holding the quadrocopter. A small piece of aluminum tube with an inner diameter of 8 mm is striped to the MDF. Inside a M8 threaded rod is inserted into the square bar of the quadrocopter and is secured with a M8 nut and washer.

It is a little larger and better looking than the last one and there is less friction when rotating the quad. This hopefully leads to a better tuned software. I managed to tune the angular rate mode this weekend, I think it will be flyable right now but I haven’t tested it yet due to bad weather. I’ll upload a video as soon as I have tried it outdoors.

This is what I have left to do with controller software:

  • Filter yaw gyro signal, it’s to noisy right now to use as a feedback signal for yaw control
  • Activate and tune feedback control for yaw
  • Tune pitch/roll control in angle mode
  • Activate battery voltage measurement, blink LEDs with different speed depending on battery voltage. (and install LEDs on the quad)
I also started to work on a v. 2.0 of the controller with a faster processor, more sensors, more outputs and more inputs.

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