Puffy mobile phone battery

A while ago I decided it was time to replace my old smartphone. The final choice was between a Samsung Galaxy S4 and a HTC One. I’ve had two HTC phones before and liked them both very much but this time I decided to go for the Samsung instead. The main reason was to be able to easily replace the battery in the future.

After about four months the battery time started to be really bad, and the phone sometimes decided to reboot without reason. A quick googeling showed that this problem is quite common and easily distinguished by the battery being a little puffy.

I couldn’t find only the battery in stock at any local store but one had a new battery together with a charger in stock for the price of 299 SEK which is quite reasonable.

Battery with charger
Battery with charger

You could easily see the difference between the old and the new battery.

Comparison of old an new battery
Comparison of old an new battery

Putting the old battery in the charger I couldn’t even close it.

Charger cannot be closed
Charger cannot be closed

In one way I’m glad that i got the phone with the easily changeable battery, but I think it’s really bad of Samsung to use such a low quality battery that it is worthless after four months. HTC probably have to use better quality batteries in their HTC One since it is much more expensive to replace the battery on warranty.

Some catching up to do

No posts for a couple of days since I’ve been busy with other things. As you may have noticed, to this point, I have only written about some old projects I’ve done in the past. There is some catching up to do but I will mix old projects with new stuff until all my old projects are well documented here (at least the interesting ones).

Here are a list of projects I will try to write all little about in the near future.

  • One more Depron RC aircraft. (SAAB J-35 Draken)
  • More about my quadrocopter
  • At least two electric bikes, one MTB and one Puch Maxi Moped conversion
  • Electronics for electric bikes, controller and motor modifications, BMU, DC/DC converter, LED-lights…
  • Mechanics for electric bikes, motor mount, battery box…
  • Maybe some pure programming projects for either Android, Windows or the web