Long time no see

It’s been a long time since I posted something here. The main reason is that I became a father in February but I’ve also had a lot going on at work.

Hopefully the number of posts will increase again in the near future. In mid December we are moving from our apartment into a house. The house will have room for both a small workshop and an electronics lab. I’m also hoping to start brewing my own beer which certainly would be worth documenting here. But first there is a few things needed to be done on the house.

More pictures to come in the end of November when we get the keys.

Some catching up to do

No posts for a couple of days since I’ve been busy with other things. As you may have noticed, to this point, I have only written about some old projects I’ve done in the past. There is some catching up to do but I will mix old projects with new stuff until all my old projects are well documented here (at least the interesting ones).

Here are a list of projects I will try to write all little about in the near future.

  • One more Depron RC aircraft. (SAAB J-35 Draken)
  • More about my quadrocopter
  • At least two electric bikes, one MTB and one Puch Maxi Moped conversion
  • Electronics for electric bikes, controller and motor modifications, BMU, DC/DC converter, LED-lights…
  • Mechanics for electric bikes, motor mount, battery box…
  • Maybe some pure programming projects for either Android, Windows or the web

Test post

This is a first test. Later on I will post about my DIY projects here.

Trying a little code: